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Virtual Core EVOLUTION Rifle Adapter Compatible with RIFT, Rift S & QUEST Controllers.


Carbon Fiber Tubes Weight only 0.5 oz

Extremely light and Strong


The EVOLUTION Oculus Rift gun adapter helps control your shots and is designed to win the game in VR!

The EVOLUTION Oculus Rift rifle stock adapter is Proudly Made in the USA from highly durable military grade, fiberglass-reinforced nylon.

The EVOLUTION Oculus Rift weapon stock adapter is a stable platform that allows you to emulate the ergonomics of your favorite weapon systems when playing shooting games.


The EVOLUTION Oculus Rift gun stock adapter’s broad range of adjustability covers configurations from Close Quarters Battle Weapons for the Door Kickers to Long Distance Rifles for the Stealthy Snipers.

The included rifle sling keeps the EVOLUTION adapter easily accessible when you go free hand.


The MIL-STD-1913 rail adapter can be used for mounting real firearm accessories.

EVOLUTION Rifle Adapter For Oculus Rift Controllers
Single Point Rifle Sling
NOT INCLUDED: HTC Vive/Oculus Rift controllers

Assembly Diagram.

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Grab OEM Foam pads or Silicone Cases

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

  2. Wyatt W. (verified owner)

    Overall a great product! The only quarrel i have is with the angle adjustment. It was a bit difficult get the right angle because of the limited number of angles the joint allows you to do but eventually i found one that works. But being that its hslf the price of the main competition on the market this srock is stellar in comparison, would buy again fir sure

  3. steven (verified owner)

    Product is as described. Takes a little tweaking to get it just right but worth it once you get it there. You will however have to remove your wrist straps from controller in order for them to fit nicely in the holders which is a pain at times cause you have to set the controllers down in order to get a drink during a long gaming session instead of letting them hang off your wrist. Would have rated a 5 if the holders were a better fit with the straps.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It took a few tries in a few different configurations over a few hours. At first it was clunky and uncomfortable, but it became a solid, comfortable aim. Satisfactory

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Even though there was a packing error, customer response was very fast for overseas. I would continue to shop in the future.

    The gun adapter feels solid, however the screw knobs can poke you at times.

  6. Jonathan (verified owner)

  7. Chris (verified owner)

    This thing is really awesome once you have some muscle memory. The sling allows you to drop the stick easy for more maneuverability. Wouldn’t play an FPS any other way.

  8. Ray (verified owner)

    Design works great, customer service was awesome, and my game has vastly improved since I recieved it.

  9. Brett Krehbiel (verified owner)

    Great product and fast response to my questions

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Came partially assembled in the box, but incorrectly. The cups were switched and one was backwards. It was a simple fix though, so no harm done. Also, the controllers don’t sit well in the cups with the wrist straps on. That being said, this is a well made product that I would recommend to friends.

  11. Man Ha (verified owner)

    The design got some flaw that pull me from being immerse, it’s a project that’s not yet finish and need more thought on. The most disappoint and vital part is the one being faulty. The 2 cup keep sliding of the controller, it’s not stable and making my hand tiring every time. The right cup need to be the opposite of the left controller, not the same. There should also be magnetic that attach the controller. For the price of 50$, I hope that you guy will continue support and send old customer new part to replace those 2 cup. Other than that I think it’s not a bad product.

  12. Aaron (verified owner)

    Very efficient ordering process. Arrived earlier than anticipated. Build quality is very good but there are is one design issue I would raise; the locking mechanism for the cups has only 4 angles you can lock it to, of which only 3 are usable as the touch controllers sensor arch is too close to the bar the cup is attached to which prevents use. I have managed to make a satisfying configuration using the other 3 locking positions but it could potentially be easily fixed by adding more teeth to the plastic clamp. Otherwise it’s a perfect product. It’s as big an improvement to the experience as a good steering wheel is to racing games.

  13. Craig (verified owner)

  14. Chris Lawrence (verified owner)

    Great product, hard to adjust just right, and controllers are tough to keep in the holders, but much better than a DIY alternative.

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

  16. Zouhair (verified owner)

    Excellent product shipped quickly to Morocco. Thanks and good luck guys.

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Pretty good

  18. Jeffrey (verified owner)

    Small packaging issue VERY swiftly and completely taken care of by the VirturalCore team. I wish every company was so good to their customers! Impressed with the Evolution design, a MUST HAVE for ALL serious VR shooters, especially VR shooters who are also real world shooters! HIGHLY recommend both the Evolution VR gun stock adjunct and the excellent company. Will be recommending this adapter to everyone I can and may even do a YouTube review, this is a product people should know about!

  19. huskysizeguy99 (verified owner)

    Product: 8.5 out of 10 for the Oculus version, only issue is controller cups don’t hold super tightly, due to Touch shape. Easy DIY solutions to this problem, read below.
    Customer support: 10 out of 10! Amazing! Super fast resolution of very minor shipping mix up!

    This is a very well made product and does what it is designed to do. If you are a serious FPS VR gamer, this is a MUST HAVE! Extremely adaptable and customizable. I love the addition of a picatinny rail, I’m using a vertical Magpul grip with VR AR platform firearms. Oculus Touch controllers will not fit as well as Vive controllers do. I’ve used plastic hose clamps to secure the controllers as well as some tennis racquet grip tape wrapped around controllers. I wouldn’t recommend going too tight with hose clamps and grip tape works better than electrical tape. Only thing I’d like to see would be channels in the grip cups to accommodate controller lanyards, like the Vive version has. Would make the hose clamp easier to tighten on the controller too. Lack of lanyard channel is only reason I didn’t give 5 out of 5. I may order a spare set of controller cups and carefully cut out channels with a Dremel tool, but I don’t recommend anyone do this, except to extra cups! Oh yeah, I also added small strips of Teflon tape to the threads of all adjustment knob bolts, it keeps them locked in place very firmly and costs only pennies. nyway, great product, great company!

  20. Mathew (verified owner)

    I love it! Yeah it’s not an actual gun design BUT it’s something to sturdy your arms while aiming. Once your in vr it doesnt matter what it looks like for the simple fact your not going to see it. All you see is your in game weapon and with an accessory such as this you have a pretty affordable weapon. With all the clips on it, it’s easy to adjust for wide range of weapons.

  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It works very well and I and very happy I got it.

  22. Mark (verified owner)

    Awesome product and fast shipping! Couldn’t be more pleased!

  23. Wilferd G. (verified owner)

    Love these!!

  24. Richard H. (verified owner)

    A great idea, some assembly required, but I like it. I use it in Onward, only FPS game I have right now, works much better than without it. Better accuracy!!!

  25. Mason (verified owner)

    Works great! So many hinges and adjustable areas it will take a bit to get it right but it works great

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

  27. Anderson G. (verified owner)

    -*Really* fast shipping
    -Good for general purpose use
    -Solid price point conpared to other similar stocks
    -Controller cups (oculus) just slightly too large, controllers tend to fall out or displace
    -Not enough angles to snap cheekrest and controller cups, sometimes you just have to deal.

    Overall a solid product. I hope future iterations keep improving!

  28. jerome m. (verified owner)

    Im happy with my purchase, and it got to me in a couple of days

  29. Charles (verified owner)

    *IMPORTANT* Rift cups were pre-installed backwards. *IMPORTANT*

    Some reviews state that it’s not a tight fit, and I assumed the loose fit I had was as good as it got. Then I realized they locked in if I put them in backwards. Only took a few minutes to reverse the clamp and then you can carry the rig weight using the controllers, but many users won’t realize this, and they’ll end up with hand cramps trying to hold the rig by the cups. The other problem is the clamps holding the rods will slowly slip if you put any heavy pressure, ex. pushing the stock into your shoulder for precision aim. It wants to fold. I’m hoping some plumbers tape will fix that.

    The parts used all feel of good quality, and the shipping was fast. 2 week to eastern canada from cali. Assembly isn’t difficult. Sling is a little too small for my bear-sized body. All of the problems with this product are easily fixable, and I hope they continue to innovate. Magnetic locks instead of interference-fit would be great.

  30. Ian (verified owner)

    Great service, Great price what more can I say but Thanks

  31. Jonathan boyd (verified owner)

  32. Scott W. (verified owner)

    I’m using this with a rift. I’ve got about 20 hours use with it so far. It works great. Easily adjusted. Shipping was really fast (2 or 3 days I think).

  33. Jacob (verified owner)

    Very good design very nice and very immersive the only complaint would have to be the Oculus cups can be a little lose or be to awkward if you have straps attached.

  34. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Works great with Hot Dogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades on the Rift when you line both hands up. All the parts feel solid with no chance of breaking and everything is finished nicely. The cup for the left controller is looser than the one for the right (which is tight enough to stay put) so I’d keep the wrist strap on for your left hand. It works out because you’re using your left hand more often for extra actions like reloading.

  35. bobby b. (verified owner)

    Would have liked it to actually have carbon fiber tubes intead of metal

  36. Noel Ridge (verified owner)

    this is a decent stock for the price. i had to wrap the carbon fiber tube ends in tape so the camps would grip and not slip.then place cardboard shims to snug up my left front controller it is thinner than my right and is loose in either grip cup with out the shim. it is not a molding issue. with those two modifications the stock is solid and allows quick change to pistol, reloads ect with either hand. and it looks good too.

  37. Ekrima Ayyad (verified owner)

  38. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Although I cannot rate the product because it was a Christmas gift. I can rate the service which was excellent. It came in on time and the communication with your company was great. Thank you

  39. SEAN (verified owner)

    I loved this gun stock! It works great and the rubber cups are very flexible yet firm at the same time. Highly recommend it!!

  40. Jared (verified owner)

    The linkages are not great, the carbon fiber doesn’t provide enough friction for the plastic clamps to keep the stock from twisting out of place or sliding out. This leads to the stock being a poor physical reference point; you can’t reliably know you’ll be aiming down sights when you raise the stock to your cheek, because it bends and slides after moderate usage.

    That said the idea is great and could easily be improved in updated versions. The stock is still quite strong and light, and I’d definitely rather play with it than without it.

  41. Zggy (verified owner)

    I ordered this item from the UK. Reasonably fast shipping considering the distance. item is of good quality

  42. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Overall good customer service! My only complaint would be not knowing how long it would take to arrive. I didn’t have an estimated shipping date until the package was received by carrier which was days later. It did arrive quickly though so that made up for the confusion in the beginning.

  43. Andrew Eddleman (verified owner)

    Overall, it isn’t a great product. The cups are so loose that the controllers fall out on a regular basis. Adjusting it is simple, but getting everything to the point where it’s comfortable to use is just about impossible. Trying to play a competitive, fast-paced multiplayer game online with it is a frustrating experience.

    That being said, the company has been fantastic. One of the front cups broke when I was adjusting it on the first day I received the stock, and I was sent a free replacement on the same day I reported the problem.

    • fmadison (store manager)

      Thank you for buying! Turn the caps other way if they are too lose. Use with strap for better fit. Next version will be improved with DEEPLY discounted upgrades. Technically you will pay shipping and handling only.

  44. Daniel S. (verified owner)

    Shipping was sooo fast! Works great, my only complaint is the material for the controller “cups” is really rubbery, which while it does protect your touch controllers, it also throws off your aim a bit, it causes some slight twisting in VR. This could be solved in the next version with a hard outer shell and soft inner cup to protect the controllers. That aside it really does up your immersion and performance in VR shooters like contractors or pavlov.

    • fmadison (store manager)

      Thank you for buying! Turn the caps other way if they are too lose. Use with strap for better fit.

  45. Alan G. (verified owner)

    The gun adapter was nice except for the controller cups they where very flimsy other than that it was and still is a very cool experience just wish the cups weren’t so flimsy

  46. Daniel (verified owner)

    For 50 dollars it is almost completely what I expected it to be. The main frame is stable when all tightened up, but I believe that the controller cups were, just as other reviews have stated, backwards. They definitely hold the rift touch controllers much tighter and more comfortably in the opposite direction in which they came. The cups are also quite wobbly. I have used some 20 hours of playtime with it in Onward, in different configurations of the joints, and it has made using the scopes much easier. I can now aim much more effectively at longer distances and actually hit targets than I could without the adapter. As I said though, it would be much nicer if the cups did not wobble side to side so easily though because the ever so slight wobble while trying to stabilize it against yourself and use the scope is the difference between seeing through the scope or seeing absolutely nothing.

  47. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Product is well made, but awkward to use. I can see why a lot of people would enjoy it but it was something that I had a harder time getting used to

  48. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is MUCH lighter than my MagTube (ProTube) which is a good thing. The butt-stock is great quality and feels better than my ProTube butt-stock, especially the cheek rest. To use the controller “cups”, I recommend removing the Oculus wrist straps so the controller will seat better in them. The front rail attachment is nice to have, but is really only good for a bi-pod if you have one and plan on using one (I removed this from mine). Customer Service is great! I asked them to please send me another sling attachment because I play using a 2-point sling and they only have single-point slings. They replied back to my request very quickly and they did send me another sling attachment! This is a very good VR gun stock and the price is wonderful at $60.
    You can use ProTube magnetic controller cups with this product and I prefer the magnetic cups over Virtual Core’s controller cups. I will say the magnetic cups are WAY heavier than Virtual Core’s controller cups though. To make the ProTube magnetic cups work with this product, you will need to wrap something around the carbon fiber tubes probably a few times in order to fit the ProTube magnetic cups. I used some self-adhesive medical wrap because it’s sticky on one side and has a rough, non-slip surface on the other. Worked great!
    The only other thing I can say about this gun stock compared to the ProTube is that the amount of degrees (angles) you can adjust at the joints is not as good as the ProTube. For every one click of adjustability at the joints of this Virtual Core stock, the ProTube would have two clicks to be the equal amount of degrees. What I’m saying is that the ProTube has twice the amount of adjustability as the Virtual Core stock does.
    Now the ProTube is much heavier, comes with great magnetic controller cups, but it’s $200! ($230 if you want their bi-pod too)
    This Virtual Core gun stock is SO MUCH lighter, the butt-stock is better, and at just $60 you cannot go wrong. IF you bought the ProTube magnetic controller cups to go with this, you’d still only be out around $100. (half the price of the ProTube)

  49. Timothy (verified owner)

  50. Andreas Hyson (verified owner)

  51. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Item was as described nd shipping was fast

  52. daniel (verified owner)

    At first I was excited about this purchase. It broke once I began to put it together. The wing nut snapped out. However, I was able to fix it. Then another one snapped out. By this time I was like damn. Did I waist my money? I finally realized how much tension could be placed on the wing nut without breaking it. After several hours of calibration and some electrical tape to hold the gun stock steady. It is a solid purchase. I’m more accurate and the game is more emersive. Oculus is way behind on developing gun stocks. Vive has them beat right now. Overall a good purchase and I would recommend.

    • fmadison (store manager)

      I apologize for that. Please contact us. We stand behind our product. Any faulty parts will be replaced at no cost.

  53. Shalene Willis (verified owner)

    It works really well with the oculus games.

  54. William Pelino (verified owner)

    Products awesome. Would love someone to contact me so I can order more… website won’t let me log in and the forgot password doesn’t work at all. I can’t order if I can’t get in the account to order 🙁

  55. Nathaniel (verified owner)

    The plastic controller holders could use a little reinforcement at their joints. I’m afraid one or both might break off if I accidentally twist it a bit during gameplay . The rest of the pieces seem pretty strong and secure. Overall, I’m satisfied with my purchase.

  56. Carter B. (verified owner)

    For half the price of a pro tube you can’t beat it, absolute game changer in onward for me, I’m actually getting kills every round and can finally use scoped weapons effectively, the only reason I took off one star is due to the cups that hold the controllers, they are made of some flimsy, malleable plastic that you can squeeze and move, so aiming in game can get a little wonky of you have a tight grip or wiggle your hands, I’ve heard you can put the pro tube cups on with some rigging but have not tried myself, not sure why they went this route for the cups but either way still a solid buy and game changer, if you play onward or any vr FPS with rifles often, this is the cheaper alternative but will still greatly improve your gameplay and relieve some frustration, cheers!

  57. Steven L. (verified owner)

    Overall I feel the product is effective, easy to assemble and easy to adjust to, but a few tweaks could make handling better. The cups designed to hold the Oculus controllers do a well enough job initially but I find myself reinserting or adjusting on the rear, trigger hand cup quiet often. Perhaps a magnetic connection that utilized the magnets already placed on the Oculus controller to hold the battery cover on the bottom could stabilize the controller in the cup and eliminate the slippage that occurs during gameplay. A magnet placed on the outside of the cup could do this without altering the interior dimensions. I wouldn’t recommend allowing it to hang from the sling with controllers in the cups as it’s not solid enough retention to hold them in place. I’ve seen vast improvement in my gameplay overall and the price point is solid. I’ve recommended this product to a local video game lounge and they are looking into it after a demonstration. Noting the cost as a solid selling point.

  58. Nick (verified owner)

    The Stock work great, feels good and of course very light weight! The back could use some padding its a bit uncomfortable on the shoulder.

  59. Erik Slater (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the purchase. I only have a single issue that I am working on fixing myself. Keeping the controllers in the cups is an issue. Finding a way to make them stay would be one thing except that most games require you to remove them for various actions like reloading or picking up other weapons. I am looking at magnets as a possibility. Overall, a great design and it makes a huge difference in accuracy once you have everything adjusted. That in itself is an adventure but well worth it.

  60. Joseph T. (verified owner)

    The stock seems well made, but the level of adjustment leaves me wanting. After cycling through a few guns in a few games I kept finding that the position I needed was just in between locking points,. The controller cups are a rubberized material so they flex and move in your hand, and mine seem to have a permanent twist that makes the controllers off center when I’m not holding them. I would have liked to see a more rigid material for the cups for a more consistent experience and more locking points for better adjustability.

  61. Raymond Mitchell (verified owner)

    It is, in the overall, an excellent product. If you are in any way into FPS in the virtual realm, this is exactly what you need. The virtual core version of this product is the best bang for the buck. There are, of course, other versions out there with more features but will cost you A LOT more money. The only thing that can be done better here is a page of basic setup instructions. Something just to get the customer started. Two weeks in I am still looking for a comfortable setup. But it’s worth it. It is a on the very edge of being a necessity. You can do it without it, but you don’t want to. You don’t know me, but trust me, you don’t want to do it without this product. Best of luck all. Hope to see you on the battlefield.

  62. Matt W. (verified owner)

    Controller cups are pretty slick, would like them to be a little more resilient to flex. Overall excellent quality, especially for the price!

  63. Michael Zsofka (verified owner)

    it feels good when you fit it right for yourself, few issues, the strap snapped pretty quickly under little stress, slotting in and out quickly for switching weapons or throwing nades is difficult

  64. Adrian O. (verified owner)

  65. anthony thomas (verified owner)

  66. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I have a Rift S and it’s my first HMD. I love it and I recently purchased the Evolution gun stock. I had an issue at first and Alex was quick to respond and provided excellent customer service. The stock itself is well made and is quite sturdy without any flex once all the screws are tightened. The Rift S controllers are easily removed and put back in when needed. I tried it with Onward and Alpha Mike Foxtrot. Works great and definitely made me more accurate. Resting my cheek against the butt of the stock felt very natural and the aim was very steady,

    I mainly use it with M-16 and similar rifles. I will have to see if adjustment is necessary with smaller SMG’s. I haven’t tried the Protube but for the price difference I would definitely recommend this stock if money is a consideration. Would I like the rumble FFB? Of course. Do I want to pay around $500 or more on a gun stock? No. Try it. You won’t be disappointed.

  67. William West (verified owner)

    Game changer for fps games

  68. Alex (verified owner)

    The stock is nice and sturdy. The grip fits the original Rift’s controller nicely however, the Rift S’ controllers fit a bit too snugly. Overall it is a great alternative to other VR stocks at the $49 price point.

  69. John C NACHREINER (verified owner)

  70. David M. (verified owner)

    Even though they have separate ordering for Vive vs. Rift, and I ordered the Rift version because I have the Rift S, I received one with both adapters. Do they all ship that way? Anyway, overall a very good product. Lots of adjustment options, a shoulder strap, and a mount for a bi-pod if you need one. I would like it if the Rift adapters were a little deeper so you had a little more to hold on to, and a little less flexible so when you’re holding the stock firmly against your shoulder the controller wouldn’t move. But not a deal breaker, I’ve been able to adapt. Most importantly, my game has improved using this device.

  71. Ryan M. (verified owner)

    At first when I got it, I was like, huh? Then a look at the picture on the box helped me put it together. Once I started, it didn’t seem like the tightening screws were doing their job. Until I realized I had them in the wrong way. Once I stopped being a dope, I was able to get it out together and adjusted to make the game super immersive.

  72. John (verified owner)

    For those who are looking for a cheaper option and want it asap this is right for you. While it doesn’t have all the key components like the Protube it does its job and made my aiming a lot better. However a little advice after purchasing this if you don’t have an account for virtualcore/paypal make sure you check your email spam folder to track your package.

    When I bought mine I didn’t have either accounts and was confused about the shipping will start/arrive for two days until I finally contacted the company. They responded back faster than I expected and were a great help finding my package. If you got any other questions you should ask them.

  73. Barry F. (verified owner)

    Fantastic piece of equipment, gives me an almost unfair advantage in FPS.

  74. PARIS GRATSOS (verified owner)

    Best buy product from company that cares for costumers needs!

  75. Ryan (verified owner)

    Really stable stock but the oculus cups are made of really flexible rubber making shots go side to side. If the cups would have been made out of hard plastic (like the cups are for the vive) it would have been great.

  76. Ryan (verified owner)

    You can’t beat the value! Very lightweight and quality materials. Takes a bit of time to get it set up to feel right, but once you find the sweet spot it’s great! I bought this for Gun Club on the quest and it’s awesome!

    Also, it’s made in the USA.

  77. Pierce Anderson (verified owner)

    Great value for the money. I would like if the cups held on to the the controllers better but for 50$ I am happy.

  78. Frank Skrobot (verified owner)

  79. coleman.benjamin211 (verified owner)

    great product just wish the rift cups were more sturdy. little frusterating to configure but once i get it setup for the gun it works as intended lol awesome product overall

  80. Anonymous (verified owner)

  81. Tohpong W. (verified owner)

    would be good if have magnetic mount option

    • fmadison (store manager)

      Magnetic adapter is coming

  82. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Awesome product very helpful for Shooters a must have. Cant wait for VR to be more popular

  83. Davis (verified owner)

    This product is honestly perfect for the price.

    I bought this to dip my toe in the vr gun stock market.

    The stock is well made and easy to assemble and make adjustments to. The only issue would be the mounts are rubber/plastic or some kind which means your controllers will not be seated as securely as you may think.

    Although this issue is the reason I’m upgrading to another product, THIS IS A PERFECTLY PRICED AND EFFECTIVE TOOL

    It came in the mail lightning fast.

    It is made in the USA and is a quality product.

  84. Jean-Marie Gagnon (verified owner)

    So far not too bad except the end peace at the very tip (don’t know the use of it) is becoming loose, can’t tight it, part of that it’s a good product, thanks

  85. Matthew (verified owner)

    Over all a very solid product that I would recommend to all my friends its increased my accuracy greatly and made the immersion of my favorite games so much better, however I do have two very minor the package I recieved was essentially non exsistant when i recieved the stock and was extremely damaged however I got very luck and the product was undamaged. The second issue I have with the product which its pretty minor is that the controller mounts can be pretty flimsy as they are made out of plastic I think that if they were made out of a more solid material such as alluminum for example this product would be perfect however these are pretty minor issues and I truly love the product otherwise but if these minor issues were fixed I would have had no problem paying a little bit more for that last bit of extra quality.

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